Q: Where does Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast manage properties?
A: Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast manages properties in Ventura County, including Conejo Valley, Simi Valley, and Moorpark and the surrounding areas.

Q: What types of properties do you manage?
A: We manage single family homes, multi family homes, condos, and more call us to find out.

Q: What services does Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast provide?
A: Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast is a full service property management firm which offers all the different property management services you would require. Our organization focuses purely on property management. Many companies that offer property management are real estate agencies that have a very small property management staff. Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast doesn't purchase and sell real estate property we concentrate solely on property management. We offer a robust marketing plan to get your property rented faster. We run our leasing applicants through a criminal check, credit check, and also a income verification to ensure we place a high quality tenant. We also have the lease contract signed, enforce it, get hold of rent, quickly dispense the rent to property owners, and perform collections. Home inspections is an additional important service we offer, we inspect all of our properties several times each year to ensure the rentals are properly looked after. We have an maintenance staff in house to take care of any issues that can come up, but furthermore we allow the property owners to conduct maintenance independently. Lastly in the rare situation where we have to evict a renter, we will take care of the entire process being sure to stay within the confines of the law and follow all the regulations.

Q: How much do you charge for your service?
A: Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast has an easy management fee structure. For investors dealing with large volumes of properties or for management of multifamily units call us for a custom quote. For the management of single family homes we charge a onetime startup fee to cover the cost of inspections, showings, and advertising to find a tenant. We do not charge any leasing fees like some companies who will take as much as 50%-75% of the first month's rent each time a new lease is signed. Our fee to provide full management of your investment 24/7 is a small percentage of the collected rent, if we havn't placed a tenant and there is not rent collected we don't charge you a management fee.

Q: Who chooses the rental price?
A: We will use our experience in the local markets as well as a thorough research of rent prices on comparable properties in the area to suggest a rental rate. In the end it is entirely up to the owner what they want to charge for rent.

Q: How long does it take to get my property rented?
A: This will depend on many factors. For rentals in good showing condition and are placed at the market rental price, our average time to rent a property is 26 days. If your property is overpriced or doesn't show well do to poor condition the time it will take to rent will be much longer.

Q: Who pays for the maintenance and upkeep?
A: The owner is responsible for upkeep and repair costs, unless the tenant is found to have caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Q: Why choose Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast?
A: We offer the best value in Ventura County with regards to the management of rental properties. Our service is comprehensive and affordable, and will relive you of all the stress that can come with managing your property on your own. You won't regret choosing Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast.