Property Management

Residential Property Management

We provide management of various types of homes including single-family properties and multifamily homes or condos.


If you're fed up with dealing with all the problems that come with managing property on your own then Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast has the perfect solution for you.

We have a solution fit your every need for residential property management.

Residential property management solutions our organization provides:


  • Property Advertising - If you've experienced having a house remain vacant for many months Ventura County RPM understands your suffering. We know precisely how to locate a quality tenant rapidly. Making use of our experience we know exactly where to and the best ways to effectively market your property to get it leased as quickly as possible

  • An effective Tenant Verification Process - All applicants will need to complete a income, credit score, and criminal check before being accepted as a renter. We always completely check out all of our applicants to seek out the best quality tenants possible. We all pride ourselves in having a very low evection rate, our renters pay their rent on time, respect your property, along with the lease.

  • Frequently Performed Home inspections - Each property we handle is examined often. We want to secure your investment and be sure your property is being taken care of by the renter. The home inspections are performed by a California certified house inspector we have within the company. Our inspector will extensively examine your property and report any kind of issues providing safety for you and your property. We'll keep you updated if any problems can be found with the air conditioning units, kitchen appliances, central heater, plumbing, or some other systems.

  • Financial Reporting and web-based Bookkeeping - Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast relies on apowerful cloud based programallowingusto supply our property owners and renters with a powerful webportal. With the online web portal you'll haveaccess toan excellentuser interfacethat includesreports on work orders placed, renter's payment history, general property history, monetary records, and much more. This productprovides owners detailed information on your home 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Access to our Preferred Vendor List and In House Maintenance Staff - Our in house maintenance team can provide you excellent pricing on regular maintenance tasks, and for things that our outside of their capability we have our preferred vendor list to help you save on the more complex jobs. Our vendor list is made up of local contractors who we have developed relationships with over the years, and we provide them with so much work they are willing to give us great discounts on their work. We can then pass these savings on to you. We also provide the tenants with a 24hr emergency maintenance line. You will no longer have to deal with those late night calls about a leak or other emergency.

  • Rent Collection - We ensure rent is collected on time by enforcing a strict rent due date. If rent is late or not paid we are fast to post notices on the tenant's door to let them know we take late rent and nonpayment very seriously. We instill this early on with our renters that the full rent needs to be paid on time.

    We also provide the convenience of online rent payment and ACH automatic withdraw to make it as easy as possible for tenants to pay their rent on time.

  • Eviction - We are very knowledgeable of all the eviction laws and regulations on both the state and local level. This allows us to expedite the eviction process and get rid of a tenant who no longer pays their rent and quickly find you one who will.


Multifamily Property Management

We can provide management for all your duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, and more.

When you invest a large amount of money into a large multi family unit just like any other investment you want to be sure it is protected by the watchful eye of a experienced professional. When you choose Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast you will have the experience of a highly trained team on your side so you can put your worries at ease.

Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast services:

  • Expertise with the regional Rental Market.
  • One Straight Forward Management Fee.
  • Competitive Marketing and advertising in your home to locate renters faster.
  • Each and every Applicant Will need to Successfully pass Our Proven Screening Process, We Place Excellent Tenants!
  • We Will Generate and Have All Forms Signed.
  • Use of A Full Management Staff: Managers, Leasing Agents, Maintenance Staff, and more!
  • Highly effective tools Available on the internet 24/7.
  • On the web Access to Bookkeeping Records, Bookkeeping, plus more.
  • Real-time 24/7 Access to Vital Home Information.
  • Lease Checks Are Speedily Paid To Owners Through Check or Direct Deposit.

Ventura County's Real Property Management Goldcoast Will Organize All:

  • Gardening
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Parking area Maintenance
  • Security
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Evictions

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